Our Story

In the beginning…we used whatever jars we had on hand, judging gift sizes by numbers of people in the family, or, better, by how much they said they really loved it. Lots of family and friends happily sampled and asked for more. And more.

After years of making gifts we decided to take the plunge. Now here we are.

We’ve searched for just the right jars, just the right flavor cocoas, the freshest ingredients to make sure what we offer to you is what we want and the best we can do. We want you to be as happy with our products as we are. The absolutely best part of doing this is watching people taste and be transported.

We use all natural ingredients. The sweeteners are pure cane sugar, and molasses from a company that supports an elephant sanctuary. The two Ghanian cocoas we blend come from a company that is involved with the International Cocoa Initiative and the World Cocoa Foundation, promoting sustainable farming practices, farmer training and support and development of farmer cooperatives. In turn, we are supporting local prairie restoration, returning the prairies to their original beauty, and to help prevent the loss of native species and birds.

Every spoonful is dedicated with love to friends and family. The funny words on the jars are thanks to them, great wits all.

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